RDH International

Providing Dental Hygienists with Opportunities to Enjoy Unforgettable International Experiences

RDH International’s worldwide mission is to assist private and public dental offices and organizations in providing exceptional patient care through temporary placements of accredited Dental Hygienists in those offices and organizations. These placements not only address the needs of dental communities, but provide Hygienists with the opportunity for unforgettable international experiences and the sharing of global education and standardization.

RDH International is based in Seattle, Washington. Its services are offered nationally and internationally.

Fees are one-time project based and vary based on the extent of assistance needed as well as the number of people moving.

Initial Package (Application): $500.
Includes 6 months of:
- assistance with job searching/applications or help with 5 potential job applications, whichever comes first. 
 assistance with/information on obtaining a work visa/residence permit, hygiene license requirements, job contract negotiation, coordinate correspondence between the office and hygienist.

Secondary Package (Relocation): $500
Available as an add-on to the first package, utilized after the applicant has obtained a job and signed a contract with a dentist office. Includes:
- assistance with obtaining a driver's license, a car and car insurance
- assistance with obtaining health insurance
- assistance with setting up banking, cell service, Internet, housing, etc.
Secondary package includes support for 3 months post-move.

For spouse, pets or any children, add $100 per category.

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Intake Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire to help me get to know you better and fully understand the type of support you will need to work abroad as a hygienist. You can also use it to ask any general questions you may have as well.