My name is Casey Thornton and I am the founder of RDH International. While sitting in a restaurant in Cinque Terre, Italy, I had the idea that I could be helping other dental professionals achieve their dreams of traveling and working abroad. After graduating from dental hygiene school, I worked for a local temping agency full time so I could have the flexibility to travel frequently and for extended periods. After backpacking throughout SE Asia, I decided to move to Europe to have a more balanced work/travel lifestyle.

My search for Dental Hygiene abroad was a challenge. The first time I expressed interest in working internationally as a Hygienist was in school and lead to dead ends. Online, my research came up with outdated information or volunteer opportunities only. Using my networking skills, I finally obtained a position in Germany. Three weeks later I was on a plane with two suitcases and my cat, Alfred. I had never visited Germany before and did not know a single person living there. My passion for travel and my support at home gave me the courage to take the leap blindly. I never spoke on the phone or had a video call with the office, all communication was via email. It was quite the risk. It was also the best decision I have ever made. Working in Germany and other countries who have not previously focused on preventative care can be extremely rewarding. Immersing yourself in a new culture will forever change you. I know hygienists who have moved to Germany with their children, spouses and animals. I met the love of my life in Germany and married him there. During my time abroad, I travelled to 32 new countries and made a lifetime of memories.

My goal is to help other Dental professionals find work abroad and move so that they may have similar experiences to mine and enjoy the greater sense of fulfillment that come with traveling and working abroad.

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Intake Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire to help me get to know you better and fully understand the type of support you will need to work abroad as a hygienist. You can also use it to ask any general questions you may have as well.